The park during the Cherry blossom festival

During many visits to Hirosaki Park, None were more impressive than the light up at night during the cherry blossom viewing festival, particularly the trees that are closer to the water make up a breathtaking scenario. The atmosphere created during the festival is very energetic and the experience is completely indescribable.

Delicious food is als o sold in many food stalls during the festival, you can try many snacks that are staple in anime and manga such as takoyaki, yakisoba, chocolate bananas or dango; games such as fish catching and target shooting are also available during the period.

Experience Japan’s history

Hirosaki park hosts multiple facilities and many of these maintain an architecture reminiscent of the Edo period. Walking around the park you can feel history as you cross the gates, bridges and enter the buildings. But that’s not all, proper care and maintenance are given to these structures, so the beauty of these constructions are very well preserved.

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