Fujita Kinen Teien

Not far from the Hirosaki Park and Museum there is The Fujita Kinen Teien, a large memorial garden consisting of two levels. The upper level is where the entrance and ticket office are located, a  Western-style building (Yo-kan) arranged on two floors with a cafeteria and meeting rooms inside, and a Japanese-style restaurant/teahouse where you can also buy, among many things, traditional Tsugaru-style products. Also located on the upper level there is a traditional Japanese house (Wa-kan) built from an ancient Japanese pine tree (Yakusugi).

The lower level is surrounded by nature, you can admire a large Japanese-style garden with the following features: ponds, carp, bridges, streams, and even a waterfall. Finding ourselves unfortunately in a pandemic time, it is a hardly crowded place, yet this makes the experience inside even more pleasant and serene, walking for approximately 45 minutes in what seems to be a landscape described in a novel.

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