The way to the park.

When arriving at Hirosaki city by train, the visit starts at Hirosaki train station. Right in front of the station we have the city bus terminals, there are 100yen (approximatedly 1 dolar) bus lines that can take you straight to Hirosaki park. Besides that, around the station we can find hotels, convenience stores and many restaurants.

Leaving the station and starting the walk to the park, the visitor will find many restaurants and bars who serve eastern food and drinks, but, it is also possible to find western themed bars and restaurants.

To those who intend on making a long visit, near the station we have a department store called “Hiroro”. Besides that one, on the way to the park we can find another department store called “Ito Yokado” and the market “Tsuruha”.

By following the path without making any detours, the visitor should arrive in the outside border of the park in about 20 minutes, arriving at the path decorated with many cherry trees and the river that surrounds the park. Following to the right, the visitor will first find the Sannomaru eastern gate, to the left, the Ootemon south gate, as well as the visitor center and city hall.

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