Bar Glen More & Le Castle Factory

A few meters from Hirosaki Station there is Bar Glen More . It is a nightclub in Scottish style(5 p.m. to 2 a.m.), recommended to visit after a day at the park. From the park itself it is easy to reach, just leading towards the station. Inside it is not very large but there is a nice elegant atmosphere, like a classic Scottish pub, and it is possible to taste a wide variety of whiskey (over 100 types), cocktails, beers, European dishes and more. For those who wish, it is also possible to smoke inside. Considering it is a downtown venue, prices are quite moderate 650 yen and up. Both bartenders provide excellent service, are friendly and courteous.

Along the way to the park from the station there is Le Castle Factory, a small delicacies store located on the first floor of the Castel Hotel. Inside it you can buy tasty cakes and bread both sweet and savory. Since apples are the specialty of Aomori Prefecture, it is highly recommended to buy apple pies whose price is around 300 yen.

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