Hirosaki Park Cherry Blossom Forecast for 2024 ①

Cherry blossom season usually starts in middle late April in Aomori.
However, cherry blossoms bloom at different times depending on the weather and tempreture every year.

On January 11, 2024, WeatherNews released the “First Cherry Blossom Bloom Forecast” for 2024.

The cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park are expected to bloom on April 15, which is earlier than usual.

Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom within 5 days to a week after the blooming, although this will vary depending on weather and temperature.

Last year, Yoshino cherry trees in Hirosaki Park bloomed on April 7. This is the earliest bloom date in the history of observation since 1947.

Cherry blossom dates in the past are as follows

Yoshino Cherry Trees

YearDate of flower openingFull bloom date
2023April 7thApril 13th – 15th
2022April 14thApril 21st – 22nd
2021April 14thApril 19th – 21st
2020April 19thApril 27th – 30th
2019April 19thApril 24th – 30th
2018April 20thApril 22nd – 25th
2017April 18thApril 25th – 27th
2016April 16thApril 22nd – 26th
2015April 15thApril 22nd – 26th
2014April 23rdApril 27th – 30th
*Full bloom lasts for about three days, followed by three days of shower of cherry blossoms

・Weeping cherry

YearDate of flower openingFull bloom date
2023April 13thApril 19th
2022April 19thApril 24th
2021April 18thApril 23rd
2020April 25thMay 2nd
2019April 23rdApril 28th
2018April 22ndApril 28th
2017April 24thApril 29th
2016April 22ndApril 26th
2015April 21stApril 26th
2014April 26thApril 30th
*Full bloom for about a week

Automatic translation is used.

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