Central Citadel at Hirosaki Park

The central citadel is one of the best locations in Hirosaki park. This courtyard combines all the best parts of the park into a convenient location that can be easily reached at anypoint.

The citadel combines two gorgeous plots of cherry trees that turn a beautiful pink in the spring, a photography tower, an old turret tower, a viewpoint of mount Iwaki with public binoculars to view the mountain with.

As well as a view overlooking the lotus pond and more famously the reason why most people visit Hirosaki, Hirosaki castle itself.

Due to the fact that Hirosaki castle had to be moved for repairs it has found a temporary home in the citadel. The citadel is located on the top of a hill so it has a great vantage point to view some of the surrounding park below it.

One of the best views one can get is of mount Iwaki from the castle, as this is only a temporary location and this exact point of view will not be able to recreate such a sight in the future. This spot perfectly encapsulates the uniquely Japanese landscape and architecture.

One can appreciate all the small parts of the park and the specific region that come together to create a one of a kind environment, especially in sakura season.
With about 2,600 cherry trees the citadel is the best place to appreciate Hirosaki and its wonderful beauty.

Hirosaki Park
Hirosaki Park
Hirosaki Park Mt.iwaki
Hirosaki Park
Hirosaki Park
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