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Hirosaki Park

Hirosaki park is a famous hosting place for many events in Hirosaki city. It hosts multiple seasonal events such as, the Sakura Festival in spring, The leaf-viewing festival in Autumn and the snow lantern festival in the winter. It is a place commonly visited by the locals looking for relaxation.

The castle, symbol of the park, is one of the few Japanese castles that has been preserved and remains to this day in its original structure persisting throughout the ages.

With the recent explosion in popularity from the anime Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba), another park attraction has quickly gained popularity for sharing the reading of its name with the protagonist’s sister Nezuko: A tree said to be over 500 years old.

There is also a very popular spot for picture taking known as the heart sakura, where the branches of two different trees form the shape of a heart.




Spring: When the cold winter recedes and opens way for flowers to grow, the Spring Festival takes place. The flower viewing festival features the famous sakura tunnel, rafts that can be rented for as little as 1000 Yen and the night time light up. The festival is famous not only among locals, but all across Japan and it attracts many visitors every year.


Summer: During the hot days of summer, the park trees are at their greenest, providing shade for a relaxed stroll or a run around, the cool atmosphere, and the fresh green scenery also make the open spaces a perfect setting for a picnic.


Autumn: In autumn, the leaves change colors creating a beautiful contrast between the red autumn leaves and the green pines that decorate the scenery. It's the season for the chrysanthemum and the autumn leaves festival. The light up of the leaves at night is a particularly recommended attraction at this time.


Winter: During winter, the pure white snow covers the surface of the park, and soon it's time for the Hirosaki Castle Snow Festival where the locals create many wonderful sculptures that are beautifully lit up during night time.


Hirosaki Castle Information Center
Gain information on the history of the iconic castle, and learn about the current repair work on the stone wall with a 3D projection map and a big LCD screen. You can also buy original Hirosaki Castle goods here.
Hirosaki Castle Botanical Garden
With an area of 76,500 square meters, you can enjoy an hour-long walk while appreciating the 124,000 plants of 1,500 different species.
Butokuden resting area
Built in the Meiji era as a Kendo training ground it now hosts a souvenir shop and a coffee shop and works as a resting area.
Gokoku Shrine
This temple hosts the souls of 29,171 people from Aomori prefecture who died protecting their families, peace and nature from their homeland.


To help with preservation and maintenance of the park, some of its cultural attractions charge a small fee.

Hirosaki Castle Honmaru

1 Day admission ticket
* Indicates 10 or more visitors
Individual rates: Adult ¥320, Children ¥100
Group rates: Adult ¥250, Children ¥80
Open time
April 1st - November 23rd: From 9 am to 5 pm
During Sakura Festival:From 7 am to 9 pm
Closing days
Hirosaki castle: November 24th - March 31st
* From November 24th to March 31st: Admission to Hirosaki Castle Honmaru and Kita-no-Kou is free.

Hirosaki Castle Botanical Garden

1 Day admission ticket
* Indicates 10 or more visitors
Individual rates: Adult ¥320, Children ¥100
Group rates: Adult ¥250¥, Children ¥80
Open time
Mid-April to November 23, 9 am to 5 pm
* Ticket sales until 4:30 pm
During Sakura Festival 9 am to 6 pm
* Ticket sales until 5:30 pm
Closing days
Open every day during operating hours.

Common Ticket

Access to Hirosaki Castle Honmaru, Kita-no-Kou, Hirosaki Castle Botanical garden and the memorial garden across the street.

1 day admission ticket
* Indicates 10 or more visitors
Individual rates: Adult ¥520, Children ¥160
Group rates: Adult ¥470, Children ¥130

Free Wi-Fi

In Hirosaki City you can access the public free Wi-Fi in multiple locations, Hirosaki park is one of these locations.
The Wi-Fi is available from 5 AM to 9 PM.
Access it here:
More details and instructions:

* Please note that the Free Wi-Fi service does not include data encryption it is possible to have your data intercepted and stolen by strangers. If you intend to enter sensible information as document numbers and passwords, please use an SSL to ensure the safety of your data.

How to get here

From Tokyo via bullet train
Take the bullet train from Tokyo station to Shin-Aomori Station (approximately 3 hour trip) and then take the train to Hirosaki station (approximately 1 hour).
Total travel time: about 4 hours.
From Tokyo via airplane
Take the plane from Haneda Airport to Aomori airport and then take the bus to Hirosaki Station.
Total travel time: about 2 hours.
From Tokyo via Bus
From Ueno/Shinagawa/Hamamatsucho bus station take the bus to Hirosaki bus terminal.
Total travel time: about 9 hours and 30 minutes.
From Hirosaki station to Hirosaki park
You can go by bus, which would take about 15 minutes or approximately a 30 minute walk.